Value for Money / Social Responsibility


At Klassic, VFM is high on our priorities and is not only about cuts. We work hard to achieve it in different ways including:

  • Reducing costs (labour costs, better procurement and commissioning) for the same outputs.
  • Reducing inputs (e.g. People, assets, energy, materials) for the same outputs.
  • Getting greater outputs with improved quality (e.g. Extra service or productivity) for the same inputs.
  • Getting proportionally more inputs or improved quality in return for an increase in resources.

VFM is not an optional add-on. It is a way of doing things that underpin everything we do at Klassic, from performance management to procurement, from business planning to consultation. To us, because of the way in which we have embraced the concept, our perception of it is more real value for money than value for money itself.

The emphasis of VFM has changed over the years, from a focus on competition through to encompassing issues of quality and service improvement through best value, to achieving efficiencies and, most recently, to ensuring that issues of equity and sustainability are addressed. These are all different ways we look at the same topic.

We recognize that VFM for one organization, may not be the same for another, however, it is the point where strong element of good, informed, judgement is required to achieve the satisfactory outcomes that we then reinvest back into our business and community.


At Klassic we offer the following benefits to all our clients

  • We offer a free no obligation quotation to all our clients.
  • Effective quality control and client liaison.
  • Trained vetted and D.B.S cleared operatives.
  • Client concern and complaints are dealt with rapidly and efficiently.
  • Most competitive prices with quality compromise.
  • Constant compliance with health and safety issues and regulation.
  • Excellent references from many of our past and current clientele.
  • Yearly client survey to keep abreast of our clients’ changing requirements.
  • Over twenty (20) years experience in the industry.
  • Adherence to specification of work as agreed with client.
  • Use of regular supervision, satisfaction reports and ‘are you happy phone calls’ to monitor our service delivery.
  • Iso quality certification.
  • Genuine one stop shop for our clients cleaning, support and property maintenance requirement.

We look forward to serving you or serving you better.




We at Klassic recognize that our responsibility must complement our client’s expectations by adding value for money outcomes which includes working with them to implement initiatives that complements their own corporate and social responsibility. This is not considered as a burden but as an opportunity for us to demonstrate and work with our stakeholders to effect change.

Employment regeneration

We are able to work with our partners to create employment opportunities around our own successful business model by employing directly from the local community and in particularly advertising and working with our social housing clients residents.

Business in the community

We are committed to proactively develop mutually beneficial trading relationship with our clients and partners based upon a foundation trust and cooperation by sharing with our partners the new ways of working and developing social enterprise initiatives.

Community investment

Community investment is not simply about making a financial donation to causes and charities. We pride ourselves on committing our time, resources and specialist skills to supporting the community we serve and building a long-standing relationship with the community and community champions